Hi! My name is Efe Klimmek and, as a lover of art, venturing out to create hand drawn stationery was probably the best decision I have ever made. Raised in the sunny state of Florida, I have a heart for people and making them feel good inside; so, I work to create the perfect artistic print.

Sending letters or cute little notes is so fun, because it creates such a unique and genuine excitement. I would love to work with you to create a personalized stationery or guide you through my collection of prints!

Starting in early March 2012, I started designing hand drawn wedding and engagement invitations (including save the dates). Prices start anywhere between $80- 400 dollars. I am able to customize it just the way you would like. Changing so many times for free, and also customizing the colors and fonts.

Enjoy the site!

Steps to get started::::

1) Contact me about your custom designs
2) Purchase how many you would like ( If not there please email me)
3) We start the proof process.

—— Bride, Groom, Date, & Location
——– Ceremony Order
——— Or any special notes to your guests

4) First three revisions of seeing what the item will look like is absolutely free. After the three it is 5.00 per change you would like to make. So yes you absolutely! get to see your items before they go to print
5) Print & Send to you:)

Contact info:



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