Faith… Hope… LOVE


As much as we deny it.. we are looking to be accepted and loved. So many factors stop us for loving or receiving love. The biggest factor is fear. When someone comes close to us and treats us the way we have longed to be treated we run the opposite direction. The reason we run the opposite direction is because we feel can this really be true? Someone finally loves me and accepts me with an unconditional love. Yeah, its out there, its real, its love. Love doesn’t decide I am only going to love you when I feel like it, or when you say the things that make me feel good. Or no, don’t step on my toes— or else. If you step on my toes that means i have to cut you off from this love and say that you are in timeout. Silly right? Sounds like a lot of fear to me. Fear and love can not be in the same place at the same time. Quite impossible.

Love comes down to this:

It is patient, kind, not envious

nor boastful, … not at all arrogant, rude

it does not insist it is always right , doesn’t decide to be mad all the time and then resent you,

does not rejoice in wrongdoing, rejoices in TRUTH

love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things

love never ends.. ( it never ends)…—- one more time….. it goes on forever and forever and commits to be there always.

This my friends is LOVE.



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